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1.09 Home

This is the discussion space for episode 1.09 "Home".

Dean and Sam return to their home of Lawrence, Kansas, where a new family has moved into the Winchester's old home. The family begins seeing and hearing frightening things, and the brothers think it might be haunted by the thing that killed their mother.

first aired 11.15.2005
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why is it always the poltergeist that wants to eat hurt the babies??
children are easy targets, and also a way of getting at the parents.

here's what i want to know: if missouri said that nothing had been happening since the fire, then one could extrapolate that mary had been protecting the house, right? so then if mary was protecting the house, howcomefor the poltergeist got in in the first place?
i think that it was a really bad one?

or perhaps that woman has pretty big demons in her past. remember how they said that some poltergeists feed off of the person, and not necessarily the house? maybe the woman's recent grief and transitions brought the poltergeist around.

maybe mary didn't have time to work everything out, because there were people living there and there were too many new factors?

am i making any sense?
that's a good question, cee, though i don't really have an answer. i have a question though. this episode made me wonder if maybe the evil entity that killed mary and sam's girlfriend was really after sam. i mean, mary was killed in sam's nursery, protecting him, and gf was killed in sam's (or their shared) apartment while he was away. in light of his growing powers, this makes me wonder if we're going to find out that sam is some kind of chosen one that the evil forces will continue to try to get out of the picture.

and what the hell is the dad up to?

yeah, i totally believe that sam is special in some way, clearly he's the sort of locus that the bad is attracted to. it's been established that Things like to hurt sam, they like to poke him and just pass over dean, which at first just seemed like, well. see, i also believe that it's possible, like, i'm offering benefit of doubt that some of the things we are dismissing as bad writing might be stuff we look back on later and go DOH. you know what i mean? so for a while there i was thinking that it was just kind of lousy writing that sam was always the one that got attacked/kidnapped/hooked etc, you know, what are the odds? mix it up, people! but i wonder if the Things out there recognize something about sam that possibly they can't even identify. just - that one, some kind of infernal, pun not intended, urge to go after that one because to them he looks, i don't know, maybe sort of blue with a gold outline, um. maybe he smells like power.

i want to know what that tree signifies. he drew it three times.
i want to know what that tree signifies.

we could be overthinking that. until i see something about it again, i'm not even going to worry about it.
trees are never incidental.
what show are you watching? trying to find patterns on supernatural? are you high?
that's entirely my point - there HAVE been patterns with regard to sam, so what's to say that there aren't others we're just missing because we're disgregarding them?
besides it being the tree in his old front yard? hmmm... this also makes me wonder.
dean does occasionally get whammied by the baddies - the wendigo and the shapeshifter, and didn't he get possessed by the airplane demon? - but i think they've been hinting that sam is the one who sees, feels, intuits these things, and dean is the one who has worked at (been trainied to?) do it. it's the family business to him, he decided to keep at it, whereas for sam, it's something that's in him, that he's tried to escape from but actually cannot. and we've seen the beginning of the tension that will create between the two of them, and the way it has played out in their individual relationships with their father and each other.

the tree. i'm thinking about the tree.
that's something we've been talking about for a while. sam is obviously the connection to the fire ceiling demon thingie since he was the only other person in the room both times. and he does seem to be some kind of evil magnet. and i really think that he's the one missouri was referring to at the end when she said he had powers. only, she made it sound like he always senses things. but we haven't seen that really. although that could just be the gods of continuity laughing at us again.
oh, i'm positive missouri was talking about him at the end. and the dad seemed to already be aware that sam has the powers, which is very interesting to me, since sam seemed to suggest in this episode that the first prescient dream he had was about his girlfriend's death. if that's the case, how does his dad know about it? of course it's also possible that he's been having these dreams all along and discounting them.
okay, here's my question: why didn't sam just take the kids and run out of the house?

i really need to watch the ep again.
I think he tried but the ghost thinger grabbed him about the ankles and dragged him back. And then flaming mom made the ghost thinger release him later on.
because he's got shit for brains.

beautiful, but completely clueless.

i made a big long post over here with some speculations we came up with about the show if you're interested.